TToI's Barnstorming

Can your team of stars, has-been's, and never-will-be's build a loyal fan base as they travel the country, taking on other people's ragtag teams? Get started by drafting a team and challenging your friends for control of your hometown.

With hundreds of hidden teams and places, the game's objectives are up to you. Explore the country looking for pickup games against historic and user created teams, build your team into a powerhouse with the best record, or just win over the most fans, regionally or nationally.

Newest Barnstorming Teams
Accountz Payabo (0-0) @ San Francisco, CA
YNGYaks (0-0) @ North Royalton, OH
Meekers Meerkats (0-0) @ Unknown, OH
quoth the raven (7-3) @ Unknown, DC
Seeing Eye Singles

This weekly collection of news, facts, and absurdities will keep you up to date with aspects of the game that you never knew existed.

The Yannigan Journals

Yannigan is an old multipurpose baseball term that's gone out of vogue. It was used to refer to a rookie before there were "rookies," but it was also stuck to those whose talent left something to be desired. Seemed about right... these stories aren't about "The Called Shot" or "Merkle's Boner," they're about the lesser known tales of baseball - the stories that, hopefully, you find interesting, maybe even educational, but they won't be the rehash of the stars we already know.

Doctoring The Baseball

Using modern tools to examine an age-old game may make the purists uncomfortable, but this column attempts to show how modern technology can help gain insight into the game beyond what was possible in the past.

TToI's Baseball Lists

You may think that Jimmie Foxx was the best power hitter that ever lived, but what do other people think? With TToI's Baseball Lists, you can create any list that you want and other people can vote on the items that they agree with or add the items that they feel are missing.

Most Recent Lists
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TToI's Ballparks

View all of the ballparks in MLB as well as many minor league and Japanese parks. The satellite view allows you to zoom in and out, while clicking on a marker will give you some facts that you may not have known.

Baseball Trivia Challenges

If you don't know what will happen in the future, give the past a try. You can gain points by playing any of the five trivia challenges listed in the trivia menu. Older challenges which have been relegated to the Trivia Archive are still fun to play but they will no longer award points for correct answers.

Predict the future with TToI's Baseball Dailies

So you think that you are the Nostradamus of the Diamond? Put your ego to the test and see how you fare against other baseball prognosticators.

1) upthesecularhumanists (597 points)
2) tomhamilton (582 points)
3) Ford Fricks Asterisk (515 points)
4) save me from the clowns (515 points)

The Tools of Ignorance is an online community which was conceived as a place where like-minded fans can communicate and research the game that they love.

Random Fact

The template for Babe Ruth's bat is known as "B43" in the Louisville Slugger archives.