Best baseball stadiums of all-time (6) << vote

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Which stadiums do you like most of all, both past and present.

erniecamacho       2006-09-06 12:41:32

01) Wrigley Field (4) << vote

It may lack the amenities of newer ball parks but watching a game here is an experience that every baseball fan should experience at least once. It's the best that I have ever seen in person.

erniecamacho       2006-09-06 12:46:06

02) Tiger Stadium (1) << vote

...accept no substitutes.

punkinhead       2007-05-10 07:25:10

03) Camden Yards (1) << vote

It has the coolest name too.

sticky note       2007-03-15 09:39:51

04) AT&T Park (1) << vote

SF's park is a marvel

dualactionblend       2006-11-21 11:43:08

05) Polo grounds (1) << vote

flasher       2006-09-26 13:54:47

06) Ebbets Field (1) << vote

flasher       2006-09-26 13:54:29

07) Safeco Field (1) << vote

A remarkable piece of engineering. It is really beautiful.

abe froman       2006-09-06 13:12:35

08) Forbes Field (1) << vote

It closed before my time but it's the one old-time stadium that I wish I could have visited, especially during the time that Clemente played there.

erniecamacho       2006-09-06 12:49:25

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urbanexile : 2011-04-03 17:24:48

Grew up going to Tiger Stadium, a gem definately, but my first trip to Wrigley surpassed it. Worst park: Old Candlestick Park, what a dump!

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