Fans Are So Obsessed With Them by Jim Williams

After yet another extended vacation, Seeing Eye Singles is back to celebrate a week of baseball milestones. An old guy won his 300th game, a young guy hit his 500th home run, and someone else did some other thing.

Over the weekend, Adam "Mario" Hughes, a 33 year old plumber from San Diego, caught home run ball #755 in Petco Park. Selling the ball is an option that Hughes is looking into. "I've inquired into how many gold coins it will bring in," stated Hughes. "My girlfriend, Peach, is missing and the extra money would really help in the search."

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Mike Bacsik and his father are the only father-son tandem to ever pitch to a hitter with 755 home runs. The elder Bacsik was able to hold Hank Aaron at 755 while the junior Bacsik will now go down in history as the man who destroyed baseball.

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Wally Berger is the only starter (out of eighteen) from the 1934 All-Star Game who is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.