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What are your favorite movies about baseball or that have strong baseball related content?

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:33:54

01) Major League (8) << vote

As a Cleveland Indians fan, this movie has to be number 1 on my list.

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:43:13

02) Bull Durham (6) << vote

Despite what I said in the comment for Field of Dreams, Cosner made one other good movie and this was it.

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:35:43

03) The Natural (5) << vote

I've always loved this film. That said, I read the book last year and I like the story in the book better.

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:37:56

04) Eight Men Out (4) << vote

I still want to read the book but I did enjoy the movie.

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:41:44

05) The Sandlot (4) << vote

The kids like it and I approve.

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:36:10

06) Field of Dreams (4) << vote

Cosner's best baseball movie. Actually, just his best movie.

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:34:56

07) A League of Their Own (3) << vote

This movie is full of actresses that I don't care for but somehow it all works. Highly recommended.

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:48:22

08) Bingo Long's Traveling All Stars and Motor Kings (2) << vote

More fun than all the rest put together, except perhaps for The Sandlot.

MagicMikePic       2008-11-06 10:42:21

09) alibi ike (2) << vote

or maybe Joe E. Brown's other '30's baseball epic, Elmer the Great

punkinhead       2007-05-10 07:24:07

10) Soul of the Game (2) << vote

This HBO movie tells the story of Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, and Jackie Robinson as they each try to become the first to break the color barrier.

tomhamilton       2006-09-27 14:12:39

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abe froman : 2006-09-26 15:11:45

Does the Ken Burn's documentary count?

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