Baseball Dailies Hall of Fame

2007 Season: upthesecularhumanists (597 points)

Prize: 1992 Fleer Mike Piazza rookie card

August 2007: upthesecularhumanists (195 points)

Prize: 1989 Upper Deck Randy Johnson rookie card

July 2007: save me from the clowns

Prize: 1990 Leaf Nolan Ryan "No Hit King"

June 2007: tomhamilton

Prize: 1990 Leaf Nolan Ryan "No Hit King"

May 2007: upthesecularhumanists (130 points)

Prize: 1987 Topps Barry Bonds rookie card

April 2007: franco (135 points)

Prize: Heartfelt Congratulations!

So you think that you are the Nostradamus of the Diamond? Put your ego to the test and see how you fare against other baseball prognosticators.

Random Fact

The Home Run Derby, held before each All-Star Game, started in 1985.