Baseball Dailies Hall of Fame

2007 Season: upthesecularhumanists (597 points)

Prize: 1992 Fleer Mike Piazza rookie card

August 2007: upthesecularhumanists (195 points)

Prize: 1989 Upper Deck Randy Johnson rookie card

July 2007: save me from the clowns

Prize: 1990 Leaf Nolan Ryan "No Hit King"

June 2007: tomhamilton

Prize: 1990 Leaf Nolan Ryan "No Hit King"

May 2007: upthesecularhumanists (130 points)

Prize: 1987 Topps Barry Bonds rookie card

April 2007: franco (135 points)

Prize: Heartfelt Congratulations!

So you think that you are the Nostradamus of the Diamond? Put your ego to the test and see how you fare against other baseball prognosticators.

Random Fact

A regulation baseball is approximately 9 inches in circumference and weighs 5 ounces.