Rankings: Most Wins

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#TeamW-LRS-RAFansCurrent Location
1Ann Arbor Tree Huggers25-43294-3666,191,456Clarksburg, OH (43115)
2Pennsauken Pill Poppers79-63703-6415,836,325Manorville, NY (11949)
3pride of da yanks23-41235-3142,131,944New York, NY (10016)
4going going gone dont come back21-18177-1762,013,403New York, NY (10002)
5writin down da lineups19-21209-2121,688,696Deer Park, NY (11729)
6qazer quirky qballs77-101706-8271,506,630Edgemoor, DE (19809)
7fishs floating foams20-27195-2291,397,118Eight Mile, AL (36613)
8Psychedelic Gargoyles134-931098-7971,396,535Unknown, GA (31295)
9bottom feeders37-40353-3501,241,748Westpoint, TN (38486)
10real men of genius23-18201-1751,091,469Pine Bluff, AR (71603)
11good grief not Joe Shlabotnik23-51215-338972,499Newark, DE (19711)
12bench players 4 hire95-71730-724947,951Unknown, DE (19969)
13Yoknapatawpha Yellow Hammers50-25357-266833,752Acton, MA (1720)
14fidtie fidtie or50 5035-30294-268582,470Fresno, CA (93727)
15dawg days o summer15-21146-198565,319Gravel Ridge, AR (72076)
16taste great less hittin42-39391-383440,332Hartsville, TN (37074)
17bunt u over13-9109-98371,141Lynn, MA (1901)
18balls r Blowin in the Wind11-9100-94368,766Osceola, WI (54020)
19Roscoe Village Duckweeds23-15189-171328,044Unknown, KY (40577)
20Rubber City Blimps12-23141-174279,467Unknown, OH (44493)
21Mesquite Skeeters8-1369-105228,069Jayess, MS (39641)
22Reading Rainbows12-1295-80215,487Revere, MA (2151)
23dont cross thee line7-767-63204,168Unknown, DC (20447)
24Warren Cheswick Experience14-14133-108195,686Ruffs Dale, PA (15679)
25goose eggzzz5-754-42190,497Modena, WI (54755)
26choo choo here comes the express5-643-48184,167Landing, NJ (7850)
27321blast off14-18143-149156,765Unknown, AL (36631)
28Springfield Isotopes9-556-38144,588Cushing, TX (75760)
29whos on 1st 3rd base1-04-3141,145Ringoes, NJ (8551)
30top dawg15-19129-167125,718Jarrettsville, MD (21084)
31keeper o da still11-991-73111,293Unknown, OH (43925)
32cheddar is bettar1-413-32101,908Hubertus, WI (53033)
33feel the breeze27-35256-30473,609Beverly Hills, CA (90212)
34quoth the raven7-344-3763,112Unknown, DC (20559)
35volunteering 2 kik u arse2-232-2062,225Gassaway, TN (37095)
36Dangling Participles1-16-647,400Los Angeles, CA (90011)
37Las Cruces New Mexicans0-23-739,365Swartz Creek, MI (48473)
38Hagerstown Awesome Players0-26-1025,717Strasburg, VA (22657)
39Moorhead Spuds0-00-014,423Downer, MN (56514)
40Canal Fulton Demonic Bananas1-08-29,210Akron, OH (44313)
41Hartford Whalers0-00-06,422Torrington, CT (6790)
42Blair Mountain Unions0-00-06,189Allen, KY (41601)
43USA Bar Hoppers0-00-04,849Elmendorf, TX (78112)
44oklahoma city indians0-00-02,720Del City, OK (73115)
45Meekers Meerkats0-00-05Unknown, OH (45271)

Can your team of stars, has-been's, and never-will-be's build a loyal fan base as they travel the country, taking on other people's ragtag teams?

Random Fact

Lou Gehrig once hit three grand slams over a four day period.