Rankings: Most Wins

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#TeamW-LRS-RAFansCurrent Location
1Ann Arbor Tree Huggers25-43294-3666,191,456Clarksburg, OH (43115)
2Pennsauken Pill Poppers79-63703-6415,836,325Manorville, NY (11949)
3pride of da yanks23-41235-3142,131,944New York, NY (10016)
4going going gone dont come back21-18177-1762,013,403New York, NY (10002)
5writin down da lineups19-21209-2121,688,696Deer Park, NY (11729)
6qazer quirky qballs77-101706-8271,506,630Edgemoor, DE (19809)
7fishs floating foams20-27195-2291,397,118Eight Mile, AL (36613)
8Psychedelic Gargoyles134-931098-7971,396,535Unknown, GA (31295)
9bottom feeders37-40353-3501,241,748Westpoint, TN (38486)
10real men of genius23-18201-1751,091,469Pine Bluff, AR (71603)
11good grief not Joe Shlabotnik23-51215-338972,499Newark, DE (19711)
12bench players 4 hire95-71730-724947,951Unknown, DE (19969)
13Yoknapatawpha Yellow Hammers50-25357-266833,752Acton, MA (1720)
14fidtie fidtie or50 5035-30294-268582,470Fresno, CA (93727)
15dawg days o summer15-21146-198565,319Gravel Ridge, AR (72076)
16taste great less hittin42-39391-383440,332Hartsville, TN (37074)
17bunt u over13-9109-98371,141Lynn, MA (1901)
18balls r Blowin in the Wind11-9100-94368,766Osceola, WI (54020)
19Roscoe Village Duckweeds23-15189-171328,044Unknown, KY (40577)
20Rubber City Blimps12-23141-174279,467Unknown, OH (44493)
21Mesquite Skeeters8-1369-105228,069Jayess, MS (39641)
22Reading Rainbows12-1295-80215,487Revere, MA (2151)
23dont cross thee line7-767-63204,168Unknown, DC (20447)
24Warren Cheswick Experience14-14133-108195,686Ruffs Dale, PA (15679)
25goose eggzzz5-754-42190,497Modena, WI (54755)
26choo choo here comes the express5-643-48184,167Landing, NJ (7850)
27321blast off14-18143-149156,765Unknown, AL (36631)
28Springfield Isotopes9-556-38144,588Cushing, TX (75760)
29whos on 1st 3rd base1-04-3141,145Ringoes, NJ (8551)
30top dawg15-19129-167125,718Jarrettsville, MD (21084)
31keeper o da still11-991-73111,293Unknown, OH (43925)
32cheddar is bettar1-413-32101,908Hubertus, WI (53033)
33feel the breeze27-35256-30473,609Beverly Hills, CA (90212)
34quoth the raven7-344-3763,112Unknown, DC (20559)
35volunteering 2 kik u arse2-232-2062,225Gassaway, TN (37095)
36Dangling Participles1-16-647,400Los Angeles, CA (90011)
37Las Cruces New Mexicans0-23-739,365Swartz Creek, MI (48473)
38Hagerstown Awesome Players0-26-1025,717Strasburg, VA (22657)
39Moorhead Spuds0-00-014,423Downer, MN (56514)
40Canal Fulton Demonic Bananas1-08-29,210Akron, OH (44313)
41Hartford Whalers0-00-06,422Torrington, CT (6790)
42Blair Mountain Unions0-00-06,189Allen, KY (41601)
43USA Bar Hoppers0-00-04,849Elmendorf, TX (78112)
44oklahoma city indians0-00-02,720Del City, OK (73115)
45Meekers Meerkats0-00-05Unknown, OH (45271)

Can your team of stars, has-been's, and never-will-be's build a loyal fan base as they travel the country, taking on other people's ragtag teams?

Random Fact

Chuck Finley is the only player to strikeout four batters in an inning more than once. He has done it three times.