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In the history of the game, which hitters had the most power?

tomhamilton       2006-08-26 13:55:07

01) Babe Ruth (11) << vote

Of course it is The Bambino.

tomhamilton       2006-08-26 13:55:40

02) Hank Aaron (7) << vote

He was very good for a very long time.

tomhamilton       2006-08-26 14:02:40

03) Josh Gibson (6) << vote

We can only guess what he would have done against major league pitching.

tomhamilton       2006-08-26 14:00:17

04) Mickey Mantle (4) << vote

The list wouldn't be complete without him.

erniecamacho       2006-09-05 12:37:10

05) Willie Mays (4) << vote

There are 660 reasons why he should be on this list.

erniecamacho       2006-09-02 15:39:50

06) Barry Bonds (4) << vote

The list wasn't called "Best power hitter of all time without the the help of steriods".

tomhamilton       2006-08-26 13:59:40

07) Mark McGwire (3) << vote

He had the single season home run record for a few years.

tomhamilton       2006-08-29 10:35:53

08) Jimmie Foxx (3) << vote

He hit 534 HR's but only 15 came after the age of 33.

tomhamilton       2006-08-26 13:58:21

09) Fred McGriff (2) << vote

My favorite player of all time. It is a shame that he won't make it into the Hall of Fame.

sticky note       2007-03-14 08:12:18

10) Alex Rodriguez (2) << vote

He could break the record if he stays healthy.

tomhamilton       2006-08-29 10:45:01

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