[Fantasy Baseball] You can't stop Ed Poole
Ford Fricks Asterisk : August 21, 2008 05:30 PM

You can't even hope to contain him.

Ed Poole has been the #1 starter for Whiskeytown pretty much from the start, and began the "stats era" 16-0. He has since "slumped" his way to a 50-16 record. Anyway, I noticed that he's also the #1 starter for Who's On First Third Base. He's not exactly a strikeout king, but here are his combined stats between the two teams:

W/L: 60-22
IP: 763
H: 539
H/9: 6.4
BB: 237
W/9: 2.8
SO: 212
K/9: 2.5
WHIP: 1.02
ERA: 1.97

...hopefully, this post will bring bad luck to Who's On First Third Base's Ed Poole, and not my Ed Poole.


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