[TToI Online Game Support] Barnstorming Weekly Strategy Guide #1
franco : January 28, 2008 08:36 AM

Each Monday, I will be giving out a tip or a clue pertaining to Barnstorming. Since this is the inaugural strategy guide, I have included both a tip and a clue.

You may have noticed that some teams have been able to move great distances in a short time. This is possible because some towns allow you to move anywhere without having it count against your miles limitations. So jumping from California to Ohio is a possibility if you know how to find these towns. Once you move from one of these town, you will see a pop up message informing you that your last move was free. Here's the first clue: the names of these towns start with a seldom used letter of the alphabet.

Gaining fans just by visiting a town gets easier as your team level increases. In fact, if your team level is 2 or more you will win over zip codes with populations under 5,000, every time. If you are still at level 1, then your team will still have a 50% of winning over a small town without playing a game.


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