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25 most popular lists matching films

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What are your favorite movies about baseball or that have strong baseball related content?

erniecamacho       2006-09-26 14:33:54       items: 13       comments: 39

1) Major League (8 votes)

2) Bull Durham (6 votes)

3) The Natural (5 votes)

You may think that Jimmie Foxx was the best power hitter that ever lived, but what do other people think? With TToI's Baseball Lists, you can create any list that you want and other people can vote on the items that they agree with or add the items that they feel are missing. Who voted for Fred McGriff?

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Until 1920, in the last of the ninth inning or in the bottom of an extra inning, home runs that drove in the winning run ahead of them were scored only as singles, doubles, or triples, according to how many bases the base runner needed to advance to score the winning run.