whos on 1st 3rd base

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Current location: Ringoes, NJ (8551)

Total fans: 141,145 | By state

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Regular Games
1101.000431 W
Tournament Games
1OF1907Cy Seymour
2DH1996Chris Turner
31B1927Tris Speaker
4OF2010Chris Young
5C1979John Ellis
6OF1978Lee Lacy
73B1952Fred Marsh
82B1950Eddie Miksis
9SS1999Dennis Hocking
XBC2010Jason Kendall
XBI1965Phil Gagliano
XBO1955Jim Busby
XBX1915Hugh Bradley
1SP1977Frank Tanana
2SP1910Red Ames
3SP2008Ervin Santana
4SP2008Merkin Valdez
5SP2001A.J. Burnett
6RP1964Joe Gibbon
7RP1958Frank Baumann
8RP1913Buck O'Brien
9PX1967Bucky Brandon

Can your team of stars, has-been's, and never-will-be's build a loyal fan base as they travel the country, taking on other people's ragtag teams?

Random Fact

In 1974, Steve Garvey became the second write-in candidate selected to an All-Star team by fans. He was also the MVP of the game.