Reading Rainbows

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Current location: Revere, MA (2151)

Total fans: 215,487 | By state

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Regular Games
2412120.50095802 L
Tournament Games
1DH2005Kevin Youkilis
23B1995Ron Coomer
31B1937Jimmie Foxx
4OF1961Jim King
5OF1971Rick Reichardt
6OF1992Bobby Bonilla
7C1997Joe Oliver
82B1915Joe Wagner
9SS1981Rick Auerbach
XBC1985Dave Van Gorder
XBI1969Bobby Etheridge
XBO2007Trot Nixon
XBX1959Jim Busby
1SP1911Joe Wood
2SP1969Sam McDowell
3SP2003Carlos Zambrano
4SP1970Tony Cloninger
5SP1987Mark Gubicza
6RP1987Ken Dixon
7RP1939Johnny Niggeling
8RP1957Jim Stump
9PX1939Gene Lillard

Can your team of stars, has-been's, and never-will-be's build a loyal fan base as they travel the country, taking on other people's ragtag teams?

Random Fact

Seven Cincinnati Reds were elected to start the 1957 All-Star Game after a successful ballot stuffing campaign. Two of the Reds players were later replaced and fan voting was ended until 1969.