Meekers Meerkats

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Current location: Unknown, OH (45271)

Total fans: 5 | By state

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Regular Games
Tournament Games
1OF1947Dixie Walker
22B1920William Marriott
3OF1985Kirk Gibson
4DH1981Harold Baines
51B1974Don Baylor
6C1971Ray Fosse
7OF1988Mel Hall
8SS1985Ron Washington
93B1978Elliott Maddox
XBC1917Billy Meyer
XBI1897Ed Cartwright
XBO1889Billy Sunday
XBX2001Alex Cintron
1SP1994Todd Stottlemyre
2SP1914Marty O'Toole
3SP1901Cowboy Jones
4SP1937Cy Blanton
5SP1966Dave Morehead
6RP1910John Frill
7RP1996Lee Guetterman
8RP2000Matt Blank
9PX1970George Stone

Can your team of stars, has-been's, and never-will-be's build a loyal fan base as they travel the country, taking on other people's ragtag teams?

Random Fact

Chuck Finley is the only player to strikeout four batters in an inning more than once. He has done it three times.