[Fantasy Baseball] Most Disappointing Player Ever!
jcarwash31 : August 26, 2008 11:42 AM

For me it had been 1996 Larry Walker. Real ball numbers: .276/.342/.540 with 18 HRs in 83 games. I had to cut him after 144 games where he hit .230/.302/.418 with 18 HRs. The power numbers were ok, but I picked someone up that could replace him (maybe it was Cobb).

I have a new winner. 2005 Lance Berkman. Real ball numbers: .293/.411/.524. After 64 games, 258 ABs, he is hitting .205/.296/.345 for me. He's above the Mendoza Line, but below what I like to call the Nick Punto Line of .210.

He currently sits in my Reserve spot after picking up Eddie Mathews, who has been hot. I have an outfield of Mathews, Ty Cobb, and Matt Stairs with Jeff Bagwell at DH and Wally Joyner at 1st, so there is no spot for Berkman if he's going to continue struggling. Plus, I have a career .290 hitter as my backup OF in Carmelo Martinez. I think I will have to cut Berkman as I search for more middle infield help.

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summerteeth : August 26, 2008 07:47 PM

an easy one for the Polydactyl Kittehs - 2001 Ellis Burks. on a team completely devoid of power (this squad never gets power hitters via free agency), Burks was to be the centerpiece of the lineup. here's the comparisons:

RL - .280/.369/.542/.911 w/ 28 HRs 74 RBIs in only 124 games
TTOI - .231/.309/.373/.682 w/ 15 HRs 75 RBIs in 141 games

absolutely sorry. i still leave him in the lineup sometimes hoping that he will heat up. i have batted him in a number of spots (4 through 7), and nothing seems to work. i'm very close to cutting him, but he, in theory, is my 2nd best OPS hitter excluding my 41 AB leadoff hitter.

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haasdr : August 26, 2008 08:10 PM

we've had a few, including 1888 John Reilly & 1981 Keith Hernandez, both of whom are hitting well below the RL numbers. the biggest disappointment for the Payroll Processors is 1935 Dizzy Dean. statistical breakdwon:

RL - 28-12 W-L, 3.04 ERA, 1.233 WHIP, 77 BB, 190 Ks, 5 SVs, MVP runner up in 50 games, 36 starts
TTOI - 17-14 W-L, 5.44 ERA, 1.669 WHIP, 115 BB, 171 Ks in 31 games

his ERA & WHIP are much worse than any comparable player i've seen, and a good bit worse than pitchers with inferior statistics on my team. he's almost out the door as my current starting rotation all have ERAs in the low 4.00s.

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poqazer : August 28, 2008 08:10 PM

Phil Niekro 1969 he went 23-13 2.56 ERA about a 1 in WHIP had about 4 strike out to every walk
TTOI 7_7 5.88 ERA 1.7 WHIP 2 K to 1 BB
sat him down a couple of times never any better

Peter Griffin : August 29, 2008 12:04 AM

on the other hand, i've had pretty good success with 1973 Phil Niekro

Ford Fricks Asterisk : September 24, 2008 12:31 PM

Thank God for Whiskeytown's rotation, because its lineup can't seem to do anything to improve. The standard procedure is to finally land someone with superior real ball stats once every few weeks. Watch him dominate for 3-5 games. Then watch him become yet another mediocrity.

2003 Carlos Delgado is the most recent guilty party. Real ball: .302/.426/.593. Through 70 games: .229/.310/.451.

I've had 1970 Johnny Bench rotting on the... well... bench, for months now, because his .293/.345/.587 real ball stats translated to .223/.284/.422, and that was in 230 games, so it was hard to believe he'd get much better.

1990 Frank Thomas has always been a disappointment, as well. Real ball: .330/.454/.529. In 262 games: .262/.351/.432.

I just have no luck with the big slugging types, but I keep getting by with 3-2 victories... although Whiskeytown has now been second in league winning percentage for a few weeks... I'd never been out of first for more than a few days before.


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motown baseball assoc. : September 24, 2008 01:41 PM

1969 Frank Robinson

real ball: .308/.415/.540
in 57 games: .230/.318/.341
in otherwords: -.078/-.097/-.199

2005 Hideki Matsui has been pretty disappointing too, but not as bad.
real ball: .305/.367/.496
in 211 games: .261/.307/.419

summerteeth : October 11, 2008 12:18 AM

to the contrary, does anyone have anyone playing way over their heads? for me, it's still 1906 Beany Jacobson. he started hot, going 6-1 with 5 shutouts. i expected him to cool off after a dozen or so starts. he is still pitching better than his RL numbers, which is amazing, including winning 12 starts in a row. in those 12 starts, he's not given up more than 3 runs in an outing. overall, he's only give up more than 4 runs 5 times in 69 starts. here are the comparisons:


9-9, 2.58 ERA, 1.116 WHIP in 150 innings


53-16, 1.74 ERA, 0.984 WHIP in 630 innings

ironically enough, he was known as a "hard luck" pitcher in real life, battling injuries & playing on bad teams to the tune of a 23-46 W-L record. maybe this game is a redemption of sorts for him :-)

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Pork Chop Pough : October 11, 2008 01:07 AM

The closest I've come to an overachiever is Willard Marshall, but he's only played 33 games at this point, so this will no doubt jinx him.

Real Ball: .307/.401/.429
TTOI: .357/.417/.516

Then there's Pedro Martinez, who's shaping up to be the most disappointing pitcher ever. I have the 1999 version, which was the second best season of his career. Maybe I should just be happy that he's 9-5 and has 124 K's in 123 innings, but this is pathetic...

Real Ball: 2.07 era, 0.923 whip
TTOI: 5.52 era, 1.565 whip

...he could pitch well in his next start and still have given up as many hits as he did that season in real ball, but in 80 fewer innings.

Also, if anyone has ever had Christy Mathewson come even remotely close to his real ball numbers, let me know. This game definitely holds some grudge against him.

- Pork Chop

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