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Ford Fricks Asterisk : February 25, 2008 02:43 PM

Ovaltine Jenkins may soon be working on a frequent Barnstorming newsletter. However, the format of this newsletter is pretty wide open at this point. He'll be sure to highlight some of the games'... well, highlights, and also hand out some informal awards. He'll also feature some interesting bits of info about certain players on different teams' rosters, and he always enjoys throwing in any and all references he can. Some teams might be singled out in individual newsletters, but Ovaltine always tries to spread the love around.

However, no matter how much Ovaltine refers to himself in the third person, he's not an all-knowing god, so... Ovaltine would love to hear more from people here in the forums about their team, and may throw out a few questions to get a better understanding of their ownership.

For starters... who's your official field manager (whether it be you yourself or someone else)? Also, Ovaltine doesn't want to badger you for a full list of front office jobs, but if you have any other team personnel you'd like him to know about, feel free to share.

Ovaltine Jenkins

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Ford Fricks Asterisk : February 25, 2008 07:25 PM

The Whiskeytown Loserings' manager is Skillet Gillmore, but with a GM like Ryan Adams it's safe to assume that Skillet will be on a short leash.


Flem Snopes : February 25, 2008 09:31 PM

flem snopes manages the yoknapatawpha yellow hammers, a team publicly funded by the jefferson, mississippi businessmen's association. i'll be sure to let ovaltine know the other characters associated with the team as they become necessary, but vardaman bundren usually travels with them as the official bat boy.


franco : February 26, 2008 01:11 AM

The coaching staff of the Warren Cheswick Experience is currently in disarray due to persistent rumors that the rest of the team's barnstorming schedule could be canceled due to low attendance.

Manager & Team Physician Dr. Michael Burton is hoping to ride out the storm but GM Walter Jerome is known for his quick temper and his disdain for the manager could lead to Burton's dismissal. Insiders believe the Jerome has been biding his time, waiting for an excuse to give Burton the hook and this could be it. In the past, the owners have used conflict management expert Toby Gibbons to control the situation but the rising tensions may prove to be more than even he can handle.

Team PR Rep Phillip Stubs has indicated that a change is imminent and has been campaigning for the both the GM and manager positions despite a lack of experience and, as some have indicated, a complete lack of baseball knowledge. Stubs has also indicated that he would be willing to except a player manager position if it were to become available.


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Swampudlian : February 27, 2008 05:35 AM

The Ann Arbor Tree Huggers have the one and only Connie Mack as both manager and GM, and Hank O'Day hanging around the team as an unofficial pitching coach. Unfortunately for Hank and some others, Mr. Mack (which is what all the players call him) is a believer in fielding just good enough of a team to maintain fan interest, but not so good as to have to pay exhorbitant salaries. Hank and hitting coach Jimmie Foxx are doing the best with the flotsam and jetsam they've been given, but the results have been mixed at best.

The Tree Huggers are looking forward to returning to the Midwest for the Sheboygan Open. After a trip out east, they thought of the Midwest as a mind-numbing series of small towns, but when the team embarked on a bitterly cold February trip through the upper plains states (not really sure what ol' senile Mr. Mack was thinking) with a number of pep rallies held in local gyms with skills competitions to win over the locals (once while Mr. Mack was attending to business on the team bus, Harmon Killebrew broke a window in the far reaches of a local barn-converted-to-gym with a short-lived and ill-advised batting practice round), they have a new appreciation for towns that actually have a couple thousand souls apiece and that aren't dozens of miles apart. They're also looking forward to seeing actual swamplands again, as the team considers these to be something of a good luck charm.

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cingram : February 27, 2008 02:08 PM

The Dilapidated Hats' team bus driver Fatty McGonegal calls the shots since official field manager Joe Medville is usually sleeping off a hangover by game time.

There are rumors that team owner Danny "The Big Fish" O'Grunion has connections with a big eastern syndicate, but players and media are encouraged not to ask questions. And don't talk to the shady character in the corner of the dugout.

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